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How To Cancel Recurring Payment

This process is only for those that have an automatic (recurring) gift setup in Subsplash.

In a couple of months, we will be turning off Subsplash as a giving platform. It is important that you transfer your recurring gifts to the new giving platform. Please follow the steps below to cancel your recurring gifts on Subsplash

Step 1: Access Subsplash Page

Subsplash Page

Step 2: Login into Your Account

At the top right of the page click on the profile and log in using the account that you used to set up the recurring charge. 


Step 3: Select Recurring Gifts

Once you log in, you will click your profile again and select that recurring gift option.

Select Recurring

Step 4: Select Gift

Then you will select which gift you would like to delete. Most people have one, but if you have two you will need to repeat the next steps again.

Select Gift

Step 5: Delete Gift

At the bottom Click on the Delete Gift button and then confirm that you want to delete that recurring gift.

Delete Gift

Step 6: You are all done, repeat if needed

You should see a confirmation that your recurring gift has been deleted (canceled).