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Lord's Table Service Registration

Sunday Service - Lawrence 2 image

June 14, 2020

8:00am – 3:00pm

Category: All Church

This Sunday we're so excited to participate in the Lord's Table, and we've arranged various ways for you to partake. Please select one of the following options:

Church At Home:

If you're planning to do church at home this Sunday, we ask that you join us for the 10:00am Livestream to participate in the Lord's Table together. Register below and select a time to come by to pick up the elements. If you have other people gathering at your home, please let us know that you're hosting and who is planning to attend your home.

REGISTER HERE - Church At Home Lord's Table

In-Person Worship at Lawrence Dr:

In an attempt to include many of our saints, we have setup 4 shorter services (1 hour). Register for one of the services below. There is 100 person limit to each service. Please remember that attending children must be registered, they are part of the count.

The communion elements will be pre-packaged and available at the entrance. We will not be passing anything around.

Also, in an attempt to involve all who have varying comfort levels, we will have one service that will require face-masks (8AM). The other services (10AM, 12PM, 2PM) we welcome the wearing of face-masks, but since it’s not required by the county we leave the decision up to each attendee.

REGISTER FOR 8:00AM - Masks Required


Please carefully read the following Guidelines that we put into places based on the guidance that our State has provided for places of worship. It is important that you follow the guidelines that we have provided.

Church At Home Gathering Guidelines

In Person Gathering Guidelines