Global Missions Potluck

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March 10, 2024

4:30pm – 7:00pm

Category: All Church

Over the years, God has brought our church into partnership with 7 missionaries across the globe. Their ministries range from personal evangelism to training leaders. All this, in regions of the World where the light of the gospel is the darkest.

Join us as we celebrate the good work that Christ is using our church to do through these 7 partners! We will hear from each of them as they address their ministry and how we as a church can continue to partner with them for the sake of the gospel.

We want you to be a part of this celebration! To participate, you'll need to bring a dish that represents one of the regions we are praying for. 

Your community group has been assigned to a specific region (if you are not in a CG, just pick the most interesting region to you).

Some guidelines and ideas:

  • The dish can be as "authentic" as you feel capable of. (you can research and cook from scratch or head over to the World Market to buy something)
  • The dish can be an appetizer, entree, or dessert (whatever floats your boat!)
  • We want a large variety of small dishes (bring enough for 3-5 people)

Sign up for the potluck via our signup genius

  • We want to leave the door open for you to be as invested as you are able: 

Not required; but ideas to make it more fun and engaging

  1. Consider learning about the region's history, gospel work, and our partners there. 
  2. Bring your family on board with learning about our partners in this region: cook the food with your kids, teach them a phrase in the local language, give them some crafts to learn about a country in the region, teach them about our Missionary partner there, dress up in the region's local clothing. *Great Unit Study for all you HomeSchool families
  3. It would be great to decorate the food tables with drawings, colored maps, and local language writing from the kids of CBC.
  4. Get with your friends or Community Group to cook a dish together! Inspiration, crafts, and coloring pages 

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