Men's Meeting - October 6th

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October 6, 2017

5:45am – 7:00am

Location: 525 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Category: Men

As our country mourns the senseless murder that has taken place this week, it would be fitting for us to begin our meeting by talking about how we as Christians should think & talk in seasons like these. The root of evil? How do we see God in all of this? The solution?

Some blog posts that have been helpful for me:

For the rest of the time we will discuss Chapter 6 (Living As A Man) of “The Man Christ Jesus.”

Please read, make some notes about what you like, questions you have, and things you may not agree with (if there are any). For discussion to be fruitful on Friday, we have to work interactively with the content on our own. But here are some questions to consider:

-Does it matter that Jesus came as a man? Explain why?

-What does it mean that Jesus is the “Second Adam?”

-Is there anything new that you learned about Jesus in this chapter?

-What does the coming of Jesus teach us about the roles of men & women?

 (FYI, Ware begins the chapter by explaining the view that the TNIV made it part of their agenda to become gender neutral. Don’t that that he supports this view, he is just describing it).

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