August 4, 2021

Community Groups Back from Break

Com Groups 7.16.21

We know many of you have missed community groups this summer since they went on break. They are starting back up again August 16th-20th. If you are new and have not had a chance to attend one, you can sign up at the Community Group Fair or go to our Community Group page to see which group is in your area. We have 15 in various parts of Sacramento.



Community Group Fair

Community Group Fair 8.15.21 

We are launching our community groups the week of 16th-20th of August. If you have never attended or currently looking for a group, we want to invite you to drop by one of the tables on this day to learn more about a community group in your area.

This will be held after service in the hallways of Hiram Johnson, and we encourage you to get to know the community groups that are active in your area. 


Members Meeting 

Members Meeting 8.29.21 

Join us as we discuss our ministry plans for 2021-2020 and present our budget. We will also some other Church Life topics at this meeting.

This will be held right after service and we will provide lunch for you and your family Register to let us know that you are coming so that we can prepare the lunch.



Dinner for 8

Dinner for 8 6.29.21

Yes, you heard it right. We are launching our dinner for 8 again and the first one will be held on August 29th at 6 pm. If you're new to CBC you are probably wondering what is dinner for 8. What you do is sign up to either host a dinner or to attend a dinner where there will be a total of 8 people around a table that you do not know. It is potluck style, so you will need to bring something. The whole purpose of this dinner is to get to know people within the church that you usually do not hang out with. 

We always lack host homes and ask that you strongly consider hosting a dinner. Register below to host or attend.




Recommended Apps



 Zoom has become the temporary way in which we connect and "fellowship" while being apart. If you haven't done so already, please download this app for your ComputeriPhone, or Non-Apple Phone

church center app slide 720

 Church Center App

 Church Center is the best app to connect you to the internal areas of City Bible Church. You can download it on iPhoneiPad, or Android. (For sermon convenience, use our Public CBC App)

Telegram 720 

 Telegram App

 Saints, for Group Messaging between Members, we want to recommend the Telegram App highly. Click the image below to view the details to download it. 


Social Media

Did you know that one of the easiest and most passive ways you can help advance the Gospel is by interacting with our Church's social media presence (and other ministries). Even a simple "like" will help put our posts in the view of your non-believing friends. Comments are better on Facebook, since they equate the comments with popularity.