December 3, 2021

Christmas Service


It is amazing how fast time flies. We are in the month of December and many of you are decorating your homes and preparing your heart to remember and celebrate the birth of our Saviors. On Sunday, December 26th at 10 am we will have our Christmas service together as a Church at Hiram Johnson High School.

This is a great opportunity to bring some of your unbelieving friends, neighbors, or family to come and hear the good news. We will have invitation cards available at the information table so grab some on your way out of services to pass them out to your neighbors and those with whom you come in contact.


Family Dedication

Family Dedication 12.12.21

This is a public commitment by parents to bring their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). This is a neat opportunity for parents to express their desire to raise their child(ren) in a home that honors Christ. It also gives our entire church a chance to pray for our little ones.

Register to be included in this dedication. Registration closes tomorrow on December 4th.



Church Prayer

Church Prayer 11.14.21

A few weeks before Thanksgiving we got a chance to pray for our members. Many of you joined us as prayed together, but some of you could not make it. This will be our last Prayer Meeting as a church this year so don't miss out on praying with the church join us on Sunday, December 12th at 5 pm.

Register and schedule it in your calendar so that you would not miss it.



Union Gospel Mission Outreach

UGM 10.25

Participate in a great outreach opportunity to share the good news of Christ's birth with the homeless men and women of Sacramento. Join us on Monday, December 27th at 7 pm for this unique and wonderful opportunity to share our faith with them. 

Register to let Ben know that you are planning on coming, and you can find the address on the registration page.



Men's Retreat

Men's Retreat 2022

Some may have thought that you missed this year's Men's Retreat, well we want to reassure you that you did not. Join the other men of CBC on the weekend of January 27-29 for a weekend filled with meaningful fellowship, biblical teaching, delicious food, and enjoyable activities. This year the retreat will be held at the beautiful Del Oro Camp and Conference Center in Nevada City, only an hour and a half away from Sacramento.

Registration is open; secure your spot today.



Building Renovation Update & Needs

Building 12.3.21

  1. The worship center is getting some more updates, and this week we started installing the speaker system
  2. The nursing mother's room had its plumbing completed.
  3. We also had many of you move the chairs out of the overflow room of the worship center into the container.
  4. Thank you all who helped with the leaves this week, there was a lot that came down in the last couple of weeks.
  5. Most of the framing is complete on the building.
Act Now
  1. Would you please pray for us to be able to budget and figure out the full extent of what the electrical service upgrade would cost in addition to our current budget?
  2. Check the Telegram Group for renovation needs. Join Telegram Group.
  3. Continue to give since the project budget increased due to expansions upon the original remodel scope and a few items we could not foresee before our purchase. Give Now.