January 20, 2021

News and Updates

Prayer Meeting

With the changing weather and facility limitations, we have decided that there will only be one Prayer Meeting this month. It is scheduled for January 24th over Zoom because it will be raining outside. Log on and join us as we pray for various needs in our church.


Membership Class - New Date

Some of you have been waiting and asking about our next membership class. We have set the date to start that on February 14th. If you are interested in joining that class, you can sign up by adding yourself to the group in the link below. Please complete at least the first application portion before the class begins. The format has not yet been determined, and more information will follow for the class's location and time.


Spring Equipping Classes - New Date

We are also kicking off a few equipping classes on February 14th. More information will follow about the classes that will be offered and where they will be held. Keep an eye out for future updates to register for our spring equipping classes.

CBC Camp - Save the date

Save the date and ask for time off because CBC is going camping Thursday, August 5th, through the 7th. If you desire, you can arrive a day earlier and join some of our other families for an additional day of camping.  Registration will be going up in a few months.

Update & Support for Solano's 

Our missionary partners, the Solanos, are taking some time off the mission field in order for Alberto to pursue a PhD at Oxford University in the UK. Our missions’ committee, along with the elders, decided that while the Solanos are in the UK for a few years, we would direct their portion of the missions’ budget towards another missionary who is in the field.

Though we are pausing our monthly financial support of Solanos, we still desire to serve them and maintain our relationship with this dear family. We want to do this in two ways:

  1. Church Love Offering - The plan is to take a love offering for the Solanos, and send them a one time gift. But since in this season we are not “passing around the offering plate,” we have decided to open a fund in RebelGive for the Solanos. This fund will be active for the next two weeks and we will close it on January 20th. All that is collected will be sent to Alberto & Kathy. So if you’d like to participate you can give through:
    • RebelGive & select the “Solanos’ Fund” - LINK
    • Or you can send a check to the Church PO BOX (PO Box 161314, Sacramento, CA 95816). Please make a note in the memo that the donation is for the Solanos.
  2. Personal Support - You can still personally support this family while they are in the UK. The Solanos have their own donation page set up through Grace Community Church. So you are more than welcome to continue to support them monthly or give as you are led - LINK


Recommended Apps



 Zoom has become the temporary way in which we connect and "fellowship" while being apart. If you haven't done so already, please download this app for your ComputeriPhone, or Non-Apple Phone

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 Church Center App

 Church Center is the best app to connect you to the internal areas of City Bible Church. You can download it on iPhoneiPad, or Android. (For sermon convenience, use our Public CBC App)

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 Telegram App

 Saints, for Group Messaging between Members, we want to highly recommend the Telegram App. Click the image below to view details to download it. 


Social Media

Did you know that one of the easiest, and most passive ways you can help the advance of the Gospel, is by interacting with our Church social media presence (and other ministries). Even a simple "like" will help put our posts in the view of your non-believing friends. Comments are better on Facebook, since they equate the comments with popularity.