January 26, 2022

Church Camp - Save the Date

This year, our signature church camp event will be August 3-6 (Wednesday-Saturday) at the Hartstone Bible Camp in Potter Valley. For your planning purposes, please make note of these dates as you negotiate time-off at work and as you put together your summer travel plans.

For those who know, you know: every meal prepared with love, epic competition (volleyball, basketball, etc.), the Word PREACHED, and wonderful conversations in the car ride there as you lose cell coverage the last 15% of your journey to Hartstone.

Baptism Classes - Next Sunday

Baptism 10.17
Are you thinking about getting baptized or learning more about baptism according to the Bible? CBC is offering a three-part baptism class that will help guide and direct your thinking about baptism. Registering for the class is not a commitment to get baptized, however it is the first step toward getting baptized if it is right and appropriate for you.

Schedule: You will be asked for your preferred date and time for classes in the application below. Classes will be during Spring.


Membership Class - Around the corner

Membership S2022
Unlock the blessings of officially becoming a member at CBC! When we are born again, we are grafted into the body of Christ, which makes us heirs to God’s kingdom (amazing!). In the present life, we become members of a local body (church), which God specifically designed for our encouragement, sanctification, and nourishment as believers.

CBC’s membership class provides critical information about what CBC believes and the bible doctrines we affirm as a church. The classes will also cover membership expectations, how it plays out in our daily lives, and what the Bible has to say about local church membership. For class enrollees, if you want to move forward with membership at CBC, you will be asked to complete an application and interview with a designated individual.


Men’s Round Table: February 11

Round Table 11.5.21
On February 11, 5:45 am at the church office (1101 51st Street), CBC men will gather, dive into a hot topic, and discuss what God’s word says about very relevant matters. The Round Table concludes at 7:00 am.

Register and mark your calendars and join us. No need to pick-up coffee on your way to the church office–medium blend coffee and pastries provided.


Women’s Breakfast: February 12

Women's Breakfast 2022
On February 12 (Saturday) at 9am, the women of CBC are getting together for fellowship, food, and God’s Word–phenomenal trio! This breakfast event is open to women CBC members, non-members, friends, or anyone who would like to get to know our community better. The breakfast will be at the church building (1101 51st Street).

Our sister, Pam Jones will be speaking on Luke 14:25-35 (the cost of discipleship).

RSVP to the breakfast by February 9th to be eligible for a WOMEN of GRACE conference admission ticket (@ Grace of Fair Oaks on April 2, 2022). Everyone who registers by 2/9 will be entered into this raffle and one lady will win a fully-paid ticket to the conference!

Please take a moment to RSVP so we can plan food accordingly. If you're interested in helping out at this or a future women's event, please reach out to Sveta Solovyeva