July 27, 2022

TYG Parent Lunch

SundaySlide_TYG 9.5

Parents of teens! Please join us for lunch on Sunday, August 7 at 1:00pm as we anticipate our TYG (The Youth Group) meetings resuming soon. We will introduce all of our staff to you, look ahead to our places for the upcoming year, share new ways you can support us, and give you the space to share how we can serve you more faithfully. 

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Biblical Counseling Conferences

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Are you interested in Biblical Counseling? Have you ever wondered what it entails and how you could apply it in your life? Join our fellow members at the North Creek Counseling Conference this year!

It is a conference held across 3 months on 3 different weekend hosted by North Creek, an ACBC-certified counseling center. City Bible has a discounted rate that you can sign-up for and this is the LAST week to do so! You don't have to be a Biblical Counselor to attend, just a person who is interested in how the Bible is sufficient for all. 

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Missions Update

Missions 4

Church! We wanted to provide an update on our missionaries and ask that all join us in prayer for them, their ministries, and the specific needs that they provided in their update.  

Kyle and Hannah Davis 

South Africa

After six months, Kyle and Hannah have found a place to stay in Scarborough and received all their belongings. Now, they are finally able to settle into their new home. Kyle is working on two translation projects. The first is in Tanzania. Kyle worked with three groups to complete a review of Genesis in three tribal languages. Now, Kyle is reviewing their work on the first half of Exodus. The second project is in Nigeria, where he works with a group on a translation of Jonah and Ruth. 

Back in Scarborough, where they now live, they are getting to know the leaders of the only church plant effort in their coastal town. 

Prayer Requests:

  • We ask for God's mercy upon Hannah. She has experienced much sickness on the field.
  • We seek the Lord's strength and grace upon the church plant in Scarborough.
  • Ask God for His grace and wisdom regarding Tanzania's translation work (3 different tribal languages. 
    • Genesis (complete) 
    • Exodus (in progress)
  •  Likewise, the translation work in Nigeria needs His guidance.
    • Jonah and Ruth (in progress)

D and A

RU Missions

Praise the Lord! Russia has granted D. & A. special residency for five years. They are busy ministering in the city square and hosting Bible studies in their home. People are getting saved! During a recent bible study, D. introduced the group to a young Russian-Tatar man, Feuder, who just got saved and is going to be baptized next month!

Sadly, the situation in Russia is tense. Authorities are on constant alert right now. So, D. & A. risk deportation at any minute. Therefore, they spend a lot of time urgently training the young Christian converts to read the Bible well and mature in their faith.

Finally, the Lord has provided a way for them to receive funds by trading money with friends of friends. However, this is not a long-term solution. Please pray that God continues to provide for them in these tense times.

Prayer Requests:

  • Ask the Lord to use our teaching of His Gospel in the city square to save lives. 
  • Ask God to grow the young Christians quickly as they may have to lead the church in Ufa if authorities deport D. and other leaders.
  • Ask for God's continued provision toward D. and A., allowing them to minister for as long as possible.

Alan & Bev's Ministry History


Alan and Bev have been with WordPartners (formerly known as Leadership Resources International) for the last 15 years. He served as Regional Director for Asia/South Asia carrying in pastoral training with church planting pastors and strengthening local church pastors. The mission of WordPartners is to see the Word of God flow powerfully through local churches in the nations of Asia/South (Bangladesh, India, Nepal/Bhutan, Creative Access Country) - Acts 19:20 "So the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily"

The focus of training is equipping pastors with interpretative tools to read, unpack and expound the Scriptures with a view of life change. Additionally, an end goal for these four years of training is the multiplication of this training to other groups of pastors, carrying out a II Timothy 2:2 model "and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also." 

Alan & Bev's Recent Update:

  • Praise God for opportunities to share and speak in the Bay Area churches that partner in our ministry; rejoicing in how God is blessing and growing these churches
  • Giving thanks for our Adopters/Connectors whom we met up with this last month, to reconnect with them and thank them for their faithfulness and commitment over the past years!
  • Rejoicing for continual opportunity to conduct Midwest (KY) training with Nepali-Bhutanese pastors/church leaders weekly — for 2 hours.
  • Grateful for God's good and gracious hand on our family in their lives at living and serving various locations (see below).
  • Wonderful opportunity for Bev to minister at the Golden Hope senior ministry at New Hope Community Church. 

Prayer Requests:

  • For Jonathan - For his 2nd month church revitalization internship in UK - opportunities to preach, teach, and do outreach.
  • For Greg/Cami - He commence a 3 month sabbatical given by his church, Littlerock Community Fellowship (Olypia, WA, where he served nine years as pastor); pray for their mid-July orientation with Reaching and Teaching Mission (KY), speaking in local churches, and youth camp at the end of July-early August.
  • Charissa  - For her summer rest from elementary school teaching and coordinating various church ministries at her home church, Pillar Baptist Church (Fremont).
  • Alan - For his traveling back to Midwest (Louisville, KY) for on site training with 30 plus Nepal pastors, July 22-24; preparation for Sept trip and training to Nepal, mid-Sept.