March 23, 2022

Baptism Sunday

Baptism 10.17

We are excited to be witnesses of the baptism of: Bailey Golez, Tim Zhuchenko, and Joseph Korchevoy. We will be hearing their testimonies of how God saved them–a wondrous mystery and an amazing display of God’s lovingkindness and mercy. As a church, we want to be encouraged by these baptisms and to pray for these brothers and sisters.

Volunteer to Serve


Missed the ministry fair last Sunday? Fear not! You can still sign-up to serve the church in so many different ways. Check out the various ministries and see where you can volunteer your time, talents, and thoughts.



Men’s Breakfast - March 26th

Mens breakfast 2022

This Saturday, we will continue our series on “Theology Matters.” Our dear brother, Eugene Gol, will be teaching on how sound theology changes how we view the world, reach to circumstances, and live for God’s glory.

Join us at the new church building (1101 51st Street) from 8-10am on March 26. Please take a second to register to help our brothers prepare our food.



Members Meeting - April 24

Members Meeting 2021

Members’ meetings are a priority! In our next meeting, CBC members can get “under the hood” and discuss family needs, finances, updates on our various ministries, and more. We welcome non-members to join if they wish to learn more about our church and get to know our congregation.

Our member's meeting will be after service at 12:15pm. On this note, scroll down.


Building Update

Building 10.28

We have encountered many challenges with getting city approval of our plans, which has delayed our ability to get the permits we need. We have strategically worked on projects that do not require a permit so that once we get the approvals, we can finish the entirety of the project sooner.

Please pray for our plans to be approved this week and for permits to be issued as well. Pray that all of our subcontractors' schedules are open and they are able to complete the work thoroughly and in a timely manner.

Keep an eye on our building renovation telegram channel, so that once we get the permits approved, we can move quickly with a great flow of volunteers helping out!


Spring Festival - Community Outreach

Spring Festival V3

We are bringing the party–Spring Festival–to our church neighborhood on April 16! We all know that a festival is not complete without bounce houses, dunk tank, carnival games, cotton candy (that makes your hand sticky), nachos (that makes your hand sticky), and otter pops (that makes your hand sticky).

You can totally volunteer to serve at this cool festival–there are many ways you can help! We will be distributing festival flyers throughout the neighborhood, which will also include an invitation to our Easter Service! Please sign-up to be part of the team passing out invitation flyers in the weeks leading up to the event. What a way to meet our neighbors! We also need help at the event to supervise many of the attractions.



Women's Retreat - May 12-14

Women's Retreat 2022

 **Women’s Retreat Alert** Space is limited so register ASAP! This event is open for CBC members and those who attend CBC regularly. Registration will close on May 1, 2022 or when capacity has been reached.

The important stuff: Zephyr Point Conference Center, which has hotel-style guest rooms for 4 people, with private bathrooms, bedding, pillows, towels, 2 queen beds (bed pre-made!). Price for all this plus 5 meals: $150 (if you register before April 1) and $155 after April 1.

The focus of the retreat will be on the beautiful book of Philippians, where we will learn how to love, live, treasure and think about Christ by submitting our thought life to the glorious reality of the Gospel.

Questions? Financial assistance/scholarship request? Contact Lina Myrmyr.