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Members Update | April 24

Members Update

Church Members (including Membership Class), 
Our pastors continue to eagerly see you face to face, for "you are our glory and joy (1 Thes. 2:17-20)". In the meantime, here are some tools that we would like to leverage in order to equip you to minister to one another. 

Church Center App Messaging

In the Church Center App we have added you all to Member groups based on your zip codes and locations (Member groups are preceded by an “*” in the app). The Church Center App has a new messaging system that allows you to communicate to your neighbors through the app. As always, you are also able to view the photo, name, phone, and email of the each member too. In these groups of neighbors, we want to encourage you to:
  • Connect with one another, especially those you don’t know as well, or have never met. 
  • Pray for one another, and share prayer. 
  • Communicate needs and serve one another. 

If you haven't downloaded the app, do that first by clicking here for Apple or Android

Once you open the downloaded app, you will be required to do a few things to start messaging your prayer request to each other.
  1. Log in using your phone number.
  2. Add City Bible Church of Sacramento as your church.
  3. Locate Groups on the bottom menu.
  4. Select the group that you were added for your region, for example *Freeport Members.
  5. Once in the group, select the messaging tab.

(Note, the messaging app will only work on your phone or tablet. You will not see the messaging feature in your browser.)

If you still need help, Eugene can walk you through it in this video:

Shepherding Form

At your convenience, if you have never filled out the Shepherding Form please complete the first section titled "Fellowship." We would like to send you everyone's feedback at our Members Meeting this Sunday to help you all serve one another in your neighborhoods. This form is also located on the front page of the Church Center App!

Photo Update 

Also in the Church Center App, please add a photo of yourself if you haven't done so already. This will help serve your other members by putting a face with your name. 

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