September 9, 2021

Get Involved


There are a lot of things going on in the life of the church and we need your help. Sign up today to help our children's care team to serve the parents that are taking classes after church. There are eight weeks of classes and we want to make sure the parents who have kids can be uninterrupted during their time in the equipping class.

We currently do not have enough volunteers to help watch the kids after service during equipping classes. You do have a be a member to serve in this opportunity. If you are not taking a class after service and can help, please click on the link below to sign up for one or multiple dates to help.



Men's Breakfast 

Men's Breakfast 9.11

Hurry and sign up, we are meeting this Saturday, September 11th at 8am for breakfast. Join the men of CBC for this unique type of fellowship as you grow in God's word and the relationship with other men of the body.

After you can stay to help out with the building renovation, so come prepared with a change of clothes and your tools.

Please register so that we can know how much food to provide.



Fall Baptism

Baptism 5.30.21

This Sunday, September 12 at 8 am, join pastor Vlad to learn about Believers Baptism, and/or continue on to be baptized at City Bible Church. Meet in the lobby of the auditorium and Vlad will take you to the room where you will gather



Fall Membership


Maybe you have been attending CBC for some time and want to commit to this church body. Maybe you are not sure about membership, but want to know what the bible teaches about that.  Join the class this Sunday, September 12th after Service at 12:15pm to learn about Biblical Church Membership, and/or apply for Membership at City Bible Church. 



Church Prayer

Prayer 9.12Going forward we will be meeting for church prayer twice a month. The church prayer will be scheduled every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. Those that have come out to this fellowship, most likely left uplifted as they prayed for the needs of CBC. Join the church as we pray together for the various needs of our church family and the ministries of CBC.

This upcoming month church prayer will be on the 12th and 26th of September located at the new building at 5 pm.



Women's Breakfast

Women's Breakfast 9.25

Join the women of CBC for a morning filled with God's Word, fellowship, and a delicious breakfast.

The speaker will be Pastor Ben Ito and the topic will be Living in the Light: Exposing the Shadows of Abuse. We look forward to seeing you there. Please RSVP so we know how much food to prepare. 

The event is scheduled to be held at the New Church Building and this is tentative depending on the renovation progress in September.



Building Renovation Needs

Build Reno August 2There have been some delays from our subcontractors, suppliers, engineers, and volunteers. We need your help in the renovation of this building. Some things we are able to control and other things are out of our control and we are trusting in God's timing, wisdom, and strength to keep this project moving. We are asking everyone to consider and commit to helping.

Here are our needs
  1. On our work days, we post on Telegram what we need your help with often times we do not get much help.  This is usually general nonexperience work that most people can do. Join Telegram Group.
  2. We want to hire more men like Dima Herman who are able to do general construction. If you want to get hired or know some one who can work on this project, please reach out to
  3. Continue to give since the project budget increased to the things that we could not foresee before our purchase. Give Now.


Equipping Classes


We are excited to announce that sign-ups for the equipping classes are now available. This fall we have a variety of new and some recurring classes for everyone to participate in. Date and times vary and we want to encourage you to take a look at each one of these and sign-up for one of them.

Marriage: The How-to-Guide

This class will be devoted to learning and applying Christ's perfect design for marriage. The class will be theological and yet extremely practical. This class is encouraged for anyone who is married, engaged, or desires to be married in the future.


Firm Foundation: A Study in the Book of Romans (Fall 2021)

This class is a unique Bible study in the Book of Romans that will help the student form and solidify a spiritual foundation in the Word of God. 


Women in the Church

What exactly does Christ say a woman can and cannot do in the Church? Is your answer based on "Christian culture," or Christ? In a world that is growing increasingly confused about the uniqueness of gender, may the church's understanding be clear. This class is a Bible study of select texts that reveal God's design for women in the church.  


Homiletics: How to Preach/Teach

If you're interested in learning more about how to prepare a message/lesson/etc, you are welcome to attend. The class will consists of lectures then you will have a few weeks to prepare a message for an assigned text and then present the message in a lab setting. More details will follow.


How Our Local Church Goes Global

As we think of the return of Christ, we should be about the spread of the gospel. Join us in learning about how we go from local outreach to reaching the nations. Christ is calling everyone everywhere to repent and we want to participate in that commission in a way that honors our Savior.




Recommended Apps



 Zoom has become the temporary way in which we connect and "fellowship" while being apart. If you haven't done so already, please download this app for your ComputeriPhone, or Non-Apple Phone

church center app slide 720

 Church Center App

 Church Center is the best app to connect you to the internal areas of City Bible Church. You can download it on iPhoneiPad, or Android. (For sermon convenience, use our Public CBC App)

Telegram 720 

 Telegram App

 Saints, for Group Messaging between Members, we want to recommend the Telegram App highly. Click the image below to view the details to download it. 


Social Media

Did you know that one of the easiest and most passive ways you can help advance the Gospel is by interacting with our Church's social media presence (and other ministries). Even a simple "like" will help put our posts in the view of your non-believing friends. Comments are better on Facebook, since they equate the comments with popularity.