Jesus the Evangelist

May 1, 2016 Speaker: Vlad Burlaka Series: The Architect of the Church

Passage: John 4:1–45

John 4:1-45

Just as Jesus is our primary model for faith, obedience, prayer, and good works; Jesus the Evangelist should be our model for sharing of His Gospel. We watch as our Savior speaks to the Samaritan Woman at the well, we take notes and want to learn; because who best to learn from than Christ?

As we conclude this series, we turn to John 4:1-45 to make 6 observations that will practically help us evangelize like Jesus.

  1. Evangelism is Boundless
  2. Evangelism Takes Effort
  3. Evangelism Flows from a Caring Heart
  4. Evangelism Presents the Gospel Effectively
  5. Evangelism Requires Boldness & Patience
  6. Evangelism is a Joy Not a Chore

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