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The Gospel of God

December 16, 2018 Speaker: Ben Ito Series: Special Services & Stand Alone Sermons

Passage: Romans 1:1–1:4

In this sermon, we're given six reminders about God's Gospel, so that you might be strengthened in your treasure of it, and encouraged in your desire to proclaim it. 

  1. God's Gospel is God's
  2. God's Gospel is Good News
  3. God's Gospel was Promised in History
  4. God's Gospel is Jesus Christ our Lord
    • Jesus was Born
    • Jesus was made a Descendant of David
    • Jesus was made Fully Human
    • Jesus was proven the Son of God with Power
    • Jesus is without Sin
    • Jesus Raised from the Dead
    • Jesus Christ our Lord
  5. God's Gospel is a Gift
  6. God's Gospel is a Command


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