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A Masterclass in Outreach

July 19, 2020 Speaker: Ben Ito Series: Special Services & Stand Alone Sermons

Passage: Luke 10:1–10:24

In Luke 10:1-24, we observe the Lord teaching, training, and coaching His disciples in Public Outreach and Evangelism. 

What You Need to Know (10:1-4)

  • Jesus Chooses You to Go
  • Jesus is the Sender
  • Jesus Will Provide What You Need

How to Do It (10:5-16)

  • Start Peacefully
  • Engage Completely
  • Serve the Whole Person
  • End Peacefully

What Results to Expect (10:17-24)

  • The Joy of Surprising Victory
  • The Joy of Salvation
  • The Joy of the Lord
  • The Joy of a Happy Perspective

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