Sound Church - Sound Doctrine - Sound Living

January 16, 2022 Speaker: Vlad Burlaka Series: Titus

Passage: Titus 1:1

How does a letter written to a man named Titus, who was charged to establish sound and healthy churches on a 160x35 mile island in the Mediterranean, apply to a church in Sacramento CA in the 21st century? We launch into a new series, Titus: Sound Doctrine = Sound Church. We’ll learn how experiencing the Grace of God goes hand in hand with a healthy church, sound doctrine, and good works.

Four reasons we're studying Titus in this season of our church's life:

1. We Need Affirmation that We’re a Sound Church
2. We Need to Remember the Importance of Sound Doctrine
3. We Need Help to Cultivate More Discipleship
4. We Need to Show Good Works in a Bad World

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