City Bible Church was founded to make and mature disciples here in Sacramento. But our vision goes beyond that to the nations. While we work hard at the great commission here in our neighborhood, we are also committed to sending and supporting missionaries to bring the gospel to the outer reaches of the earth.


"And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come." -Matthew 24:14




Kyle & Hannah Davis

Bible Translation, South Africa


Kyle is the director of Bible Translation Fellowship, an organisation to bring Bible translation back into a central goal for global missions. He himself will travel throughout the African continent working to help translation projects.
He and his wife, Hannah are also working in their local church to teach, counsel, and equip their fellow saints.

Prayer Requests:

- For their search of a local church to be a member of

- For Kyle's work as a Bible Translation Consultant and the teams in Tanzania and Nigeria translating the Bible into tribal languages

- For the LORD to raise up more laborers to Bible Translation





D. & A.A.

Church Planting, UFA Russia


D.A. and his wife work in Ufa to reach the unreached Bashkir and Tatar people for the gospel. He is an elder in their local church. Together they are working to evangelise these people, host bible studies, and eventually plant a church in their local language. 

Prayer Request

- For growth and maturity of their church and various Bible studies

- For the gospel to fall on good soil as desperate people look for hope

- For avenues to be opened to get funds to this family (no money has been able to be sent over)





Alan & Bev Ginn

Training Pastors, Asia 


Alan travels to India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and creative access country to train local pastors how to study God's word. Many of these pastors have no access to training and so Alan teaches them the basics of hermeneutics so they are able to bring the Word of God back to their churches and train others also.

Prayer Requests

- For open doors for travel in these countries

- For the pastor's heart to be enflamed for the preaching of the Word

- For the pastor's to begin turning to disciple others





Imago Christi

Sister Church Partnership, Rome Italy


This church plant in the southern part of the city was born out of a necessity for a healthy church model in a dark city. The Roman Christian church is old and plagued with human tradition. When the Italian Theological Academy (ITA) moved into Rome, Johnny Gravino and other leaders realized that while there were Christian churches, none were modeling the Biblical church very well. So, Imago Cristi was born. 

Prayer Requests

-Wisdom for the leaders of the church

-For unity among the core group

-For the Gospel to go out from this fellowship of believers






Church Planting/Evangelism, North Africa


T.R. is working with a team to evangelize and plant a church in a Muslim society. T.R. is working primarily on building relationships, sharing the gospel, and discipling young converts.

Prayer Requests

-For T.R.'s language learning and fluency

-For boldness to share the gospel clearly and without compromise

-For the team to have unity in mission and mind as they assemble as a church





J & L M.

Church Strengthening/Pastoral Training, North Africa


J.M. is working with others to establish a bible believing, Christ exalting training center in the heart of a large city in North Africa. They are joining a local church and learning the language so that J.M. can teach pastors in their native tongue. 

Prayer Requests

-For their language learning and fluency

-For their assimilation into the local body of Christ

-For the salvation of their three children