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Sunday School

The heart of Sunday School is to glorify God through evangelizing children, encouraging parents, and edifying servants so that the gospel may be spread among our children, families may be supported, and the church may be strengthened. This ministry is looking for teachers and assistants to teach the truth of the gospel to the kids as parents are taught the truth in corporate worship.


The ultimate heart of Nursery is to glorify God as the church is equipped and encouraged through the teaching of God's word. We serve the parents so they too can partake in the teaching during service, uninterrupted. We desire that they be encouraged and continue shepherding their home with truth throughout the week. Every Sunday in the nursery, we share the gospel and pray over the children’s salvation while caring for them in a loving, fun, and safe environment. They desire to serve more kids and ask for your involvement by serving to interact with the young kids in the class.


Our CBC security cares about the safety of CBC members and attendees. By monitoring our church both inside the building and outside, our security ensures that all present are protected from suspicious and dangerous activity. They are trained to identify and de-escalate situations so we can all worship peacefully. We need more team members to support all the ministries, and we ask that you consider getting involved.


The CBC Medical team is on-site every Sunday and at events to ensure the well-being of all who might be attending CBC related activities. They minister to those who are injured or feel ill and make sure that they get the proper care that they need. If you are trained and work in the healthcare field, you can serve on Sunday by being on call for any emergency that might happen.


Our Ushers serve and facilitate church attenders to ensure all are cared for and served before, during, and after service. Our usher’s ministry promotes and facilitates a loving, comfortable, friendly, joyful, and distraction-free environment to allow CBC visitors and members to worship Jesus Christ. Their responsibilities include assisting people in finding a spot to sit, helping with the offering, distributing communion, and helping with other church needs.


The Welcome Team is committed to cheerfully and joyfully greeting and serving all who come to CBC. The ministry is focused on making people feel welcome and helping them get involved in the life of CBC. Our Welcome Team greets individuals entering the church, answers visitors’ questions, and extends extra help if they need assistance finding the Sunday School classes, a community group, or the Welcome Table.


The CBC facilities team is the hands and feet of our church as they diligently serve to prepare our sanctuary for service and other events. By serving our church, the facilities team ensures that everything is prepared for each service by setting everything in order so that people can enjoy the service and the fellowship. This ministry involved some physical labor and following basic checklist protocols.


The CBC parking team serves both the church and our community as they help attendees park, ensure the proper flow of traffic, and make sure we are good stewards of our neighborhood. This team transports people from our parking lot to church using the shuttle, guides traffic, provides people direction, and ensures that our neighbors are cared for. Their purpose is to ensure everyone gets to service quickly and on time with the parking challenges in this neighborhood.

Media Production

The CBC Media team serves our church and the greater community by ensuring that our systems and technology work seamlessly for our attendees and those watching our service at home. This team ensures that the production (audio, lighting, video, and lyrics) of our service help people to worship God through the music and preaching of God’s word. If you have an eye or an ear for sound and video, this is a great ministry to use your gifts in.

Member Care

The Members Care Team exists to bless our members and glorify God by ensuring the “one another’s” are carried out in the local church. Team members will follow up, check-in, and meet the spiritual needs of CBC members through phone calls and meet-ups. Those who love to care for people and serve the body in many different ways can do that in this ministry.

People & Data

This team serves the church body in a variety of administrative ways to help maintain good records of all our members, visitors, and provide hands-on assistance on administrative tasks. They respond to emails, questions, update profiles, provide resources, connect people to ministries, perform maintenance on the database, and so much more. They are the backbone of much of our data and communications. They are looking for people who are detail oriented and self driven individuals that love to interact with data and people.


Every Sunday the church is blessed by God honoring music that leads us to worship God in song. Without our talented musicians and vocalist it would be a different experience. They spend hours practicing each part so that the Sunday singing experience brings everyone to sing to one another. They also serve with music and songs in many different contexts like UGM, TYG, Camp, Prayer Meetings, and so much more. If you are someone that has a gift in playing a musical instrument or you can sing very well, get involved in this ministry.


Our young people are important to us and there are volunteers that serve them every week on Tuesday as they teach the word of God and build relationships with them. These teens later get involved in the life and the ministries of the church as a result of the work done through this ministry. There are so many ways to participate. You can lead discussion, help in worship, prepare events and games, prepare snacks, and in many other areas. Get involved and add to the impact on these young people's lives.


There is always something going on at the church and for all those events, a whole team diligently serves to make them happen. They plan everything from baptism, family dedication, Easter, Christmas, spring festival, and all of our fairs. This core group helps plan everything and many join to execute the details of each event. If you have a gift in organizing and love to create an atmosphere of fellowship, do not delay getting involved today.


This ministry exists to cultivate lasting relationships of men and bring them to understand God's word in all aspects of their life. The men meet twice a month and need help in many areas to make those events possible. They prepare food, organize activities, facilitate discussions, and lead worship through song. They are looking for men who desire to serve other men in different ways. Getting involved in this ministry to help the growth of the men in this church so they get equipped and live out their calling.


The ladies in our church enjoy gathering together to share their lives with each other once a month. They put together delightful meals, worship in song together, get equipped through the word, and participate in fruitful discussion. This ministry is looking for additional ladies that can help in a variety of ways like organizing, decoration, setting up, preparing food, facilitation discussion and so much more. Consider getting involved to help create these inviting and enjoyable events.

Global Missions

Oftentimes we focus so much on the local church and forget that there are so many people that are called and serve on global missions. This ministry serves to pray for the many missionaries that our church supports, to inform the church about their work, and to help them in any ways that we can. They are looking for people who can serve in many different ways to keep the church informed and support those that are serving in other countries.


This ministry ensures that our church continues the mission of Christ to “seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10).” This requires going, serving those that God puts in our path, and preaching the Gospel so that they will ultimately decide to publicly declare their faith in baptism and be added to the Church (Luke 10:1-42; Matt. 28:16-20). This team has gone to the streets, malls, festivals, parks, college campuses, the abortion mill, and homeless areas. Since evangelism requires every “muscle” of faith in Christ, serving in this ministry will equip you for everything else that God calls you to do in your life (1 Peter 1:1-5:14).


This team loves to create beautiful art, capture memorable moments, and provide the relevant information you need to have for all of our church life and for God’s glory. They are looking for people who like to use their creative gifts to serve the church in advertising, social media, photography, videography, and bulletins. There is always something going on at the church and a need to create a visually pleasing experience and capture all the best moments. Consider joining if you have some experience in any of these areas.

Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling is the personal ministry of God’s Word to an individual in the midst of suffering or a sin issue. Biblical Counseling is centered on the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word and Christ for all of life and godliness, and the empowerment of transformational change through the work of the Holy Spirit. In this ministry those that serve get trained to help others look to Christ and find that God has given us answers to all of our spiritual questions. You will work closely with the pastors and observe them as they counsel people and with time begin to counsel others as well.

Assimilation & Hospitality

Our welcome team warmly greets and welcomes everyone into service. Their goal is to answer questions, connect with newcomers and visitors, share the gospel, and make an impressionable welcome, so that people will want to continue attending CBC.. They also collect necessary information to allow for a future connection with the pastor, community group, or any ministry and event with the church, as well as asking for prayer requests.

You can also partake in the Welcome Call and Follow Up position. In this ministry you’re able to make impactful outreach to a visitor that has recently started to attend the church, and expressed interest in getting plugged in. This position allows for freedom to call at your leisure and welcome visitors and help them get connected with a community group, answer any questions and help them get involved in the life of the church and with other believers.

Another way is to help prepare and serve coffee or tea before service as the visitors connect with the local body through conversations. As visitors enjoy a warm drink it will engage them in interactions and allow people to feel accepted and welcomed.


At this church we love to sit down around a meal as we grow together. There are many events that require food to be prepared and served. Twice a year we host equipping classes and this ministry helps provide a meal so that those that are staying can have energy to be in class. They are looking for saints who love to serve people with food and have some experience in preparing it. There are ways you can be involved in this team by supporting those that are preparing meals.