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Sunday, September  20th | Outdoor Service Worship  | 9:00am

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Children Sermon Notes: Click HERE to download and print.


The Youth Group Parents BBQ

If you have children that are in Junior High or High School, we would love to fellowship with you and your student(s) this Sunday after Service and tell you all about TYG (The Youth Group)!

We are excited to be launching back into TYG for this Fall quarter and wanted to kick it off with our Staff & Parent BBQ at Dante's after service! We want to provide you with an opportunity to join us for some food and fellowship as we highlight the purpose, philosophy, & plans of TYG for the coming months. This event will give you an opportunity to ask any questions about the ministry and also dialogue about how we can better serve you (the parents) and your students through the TYG ministry.

So parents, we hope you can make it out to the BBQ after service by the gazebo with your students this Sunday, September 20th at 10:45 AM. Cold drinks & food will be provided!

Men's Breakfast

Register for this month's men's breakfast scheduled for September 26th at 8 AM at Dante's. We will enjoy breakfast together and grow in God's word.



Next Week, September 27th, the nursery for children 0-3 will be available to all who plan to attend the Sunday Outdoor service. The Nursery will be set up inside the building so we ask that you sign in your children if you wish to leave them with our staff. 


Community Groups Started

This week is the Second Week of Community groups. It's not too late to join and enjoy the Christian fellowship midweek with the saints of City Bible. Read Pastor Vlad's encouragement and update on community groups and join a group in your area.


Fall Equipping Classes

Last Sunday, all of the equipping classes kicked off and there is still room for you to join. Grow deeper in your knowledge of Christ Jesus so that your life may be influenced by word to live in obedience and worship Him daily. Date and times vary, and we want to encourage you to take a look at each one of these and sign-up for one of them.




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