COVID Resources: Children's Ministry | Quarantine Care Package

Next Broadcast: Corporate Worship 

Sunday, July 12th | Corporate Worship (Remote) | 9:00am

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Children Sermon Notes: Click HERE to download and print.


New Location and New Time

Next Sunday, July 12th we will have a new location where we will meet and a new time that we will meet and stream at. Below are the details

9AM Gathering and Livestream    |    11AM Gathering 

Private Property for Outdoor Service

If you and someone you know has a large property in the Sacramento region and is willing to let our church use for outdoor services, please let Eugene Gol know so that we organize a meeting outside for our communion services.

Regathering & Hiram Johnson Building Prayer

We have a temporary building, praise the Lord. If you could not attend today and wish to come next time register to secure a spot. You can find the full update for our regathering HERE on this page. This week we will update date our site to have a permanent page for registering for Sunday Services that will open Wednesday Morning of each week.

We are currently in conversation with Hiram Johnson and the school district administration and are hopeful that they will let us meet there again soon. Please be praying that they open up the school for Civic Permits so we can gather there instead

Quarantine Care Package

How are you spending your time during the quarantine? We want to make sure you have as many resources as you can. Check out the quarantine page for the latest pastoral devotionals and a great list of articles and books you can read. Click HERE to access those resources.  


Support the ministries and work of City Bible Church and worship God with His provisions for you, in the following ways:

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