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December 2, 2019


Outreach Recap

It was an active few days last recently as our church was ministering the Gospel the week of Thanksgiving. Below are some scenes from Arden Fair Mall and Union Gospel Mission. Our member, Gera Groshev, confessed that he was afraid he would not know what to say; and yet I observed that "fear" drove him to continue to ask really good questions, and grow him in knowledge and love. If you show up, Christ will show out! Pray for the Word and Spirit of God to continue to do His work, and for more workers for the harvest (Matt. 9:36-38). The month of December has the most mentions of Christ in it!



Enough of you have asked for the lyrics to this version of Hallelujah that we sang last Sunday for me to attach it here. These lyrics are "in progress" and I appreciate any feedback, edits, or ideas for verses. Lyrics Chords

Church Membership/Baptism

The signups for Church Membership and Baptism Classes have been posted. Details will be confirmed in the next couple months. 

Upcoming Events

Christmas Dinner (Signup Closes Tomorrow)

Please consider this email an invitation, but please do not forward this information. We are looking for a blessed time with Church Family. Spots are LIMITED (27 more) so please Register ASAP here


Prayer Meeting this Sunday

Prayer Meeting Sixty

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Church Songs

Did you know that the songs we sing together are listed in our CBC Spotify Playlist? You can catch up on all the song we have sung together over the past 18 months :)

Social Media

One of the easiest, and most passive ways you can help the advance of the Gospel, is by interacting with our Church social media presence (and other ministries). Even a simple "like" will help put our posts in the view of your non-believing friends. 

Coffee and Counsel

Every Sunday Morning from 8:00am to 9:15am. Come hear the Bible applied to a variety of scenarios, and see how the "wisdom of the world" falls short. Sign up by clicking the photo below. 

coffee and counsel

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