June 8, 2020

News and Updates

The Lord's Table this Sunday

Earlier today, Pastor Vlad sent you an email with the instructions to register for the Lord's Table this coming Sunday, June 14. 

Pastoral Discussion and Prayer this Sunday

At 5pm this Sunday (via ZOOM), Pastor Ben & I would like to spend some time discussing how to biblically think about the current events in our nation (prejudice, violence, rioting, etc.). We will also spend some time praying for our church and nation. -LINK

Prayer Zoom

Church Camp 

Church Camp is still on! The deadline to Register for Church Camp is this Sunday on June 14th, but if you can help it, please don't wait until then. There is hardly a church camp that is going to be like this one- after not having been together in so long. Click below for details:

Volunteers Needed: We need your help to organize and serve at camp. Please reach out to Eugene Gol if you are available to help with watching kids, facilitating activities, doing crafts, etc.

Location: Hartstone Bible Camp
Dates: Sunday, June 28 to Wednesday, July 1 (with options in-between).

2020 Family Camp

Computer (Coffee) and Counsel

We live in a world that is changing rapidly from day to day because of the speed that information can travel. Please consider joining this time to keep your feet grounded on the solid Rock of Jesus Christ in the midst of the storm. 

The Coffee and Counsel time has been temporarily moved to Saturdays, from 9:00am to 10:00am on Zoom. Please register here to be included on updates. 

coffee and counsel

Planned Parenthood Ministry Update

Saints, thank you so much for praying and supporting this work for the Gospel's sake. A few weeks ago, we shared the need for the Mercy Fund to help a couple that changed their mind on abortion, and you stepped up in a huge way. We are excited "seek the profit which increases to your account (Phil. 4:17)." Our church is able to help the couple with rent for a few months to give them time to plan well. We desire to give a more comprehensive update in the future, but please pray for: 

  • The salvation of the couple. 
  • God's continued provision for them. 
  • The ministry of the saints in their lives. 
  • Praise: They have a car now!
  • Praise: The father recently got his first job!


Upcoming Events

The Children's Devotional | Limited Time Left

This afternoon (Wednesday) and Friday at 4:00pm, we are doing the Family Devotional for you and your children unfolding what was taught in the Sunday School Video. View the details and signup here, or go to our Children's Ministry Page

Note: If there is little interest in this time, we will consider stopping this moving forward. This was created primarily to serve our children while in quarantine. 

GOG 720Salt and Light | Monday at 7:00pm

Let's talk about how to make the most impact in the places Christ has placed us indiviually and together as a church. Please join our outreach ministry for an informal discussion around the Scripture to encourage one another to obey the Great Commission well

salt and light

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

Help Request

Church family, if you are in need, we want to remind you that there is a form located here and on the Quarantine Page, to help you communicate your need. Please. If you are in need, your members desire to love you. 

Zoom Help

If you are having trouble accessing our church "meetings" on Zoom, Leslie Ross has kindly made these resources for you. Thank you Leslie!

Quarantine Care Package Page

As a reminder, we have centralized our primary resources for remaining connected in Quarantine, including the following devotionals by our Pastors. You will find them at https://citybiblesacramento.com/quarantine.

Quarantine Apps



 Zoom has become the temporary way in which we connect and "fellowship" while being apart. If you haven't done so already, please download this app for your Computer, iPhone, or Non-Apple Phone

church center app slide 720

 Church Center App

 Church Center is the best app to connect you to the internal areas of City Bible Church. You can download it on iPhone, iPad, or Android. (For sermon convenience, use our Public CBC App)

Telegram 720 

 Telegram App

 Saints, for Group Messaging between Members, we want to highly recommend the Telegram App. Click the image below to view details to download it. 


Social Media

Did you know that one of the easiest, and most passive ways you can help the advance of the Gospel, is by interacting with our Church social media presence (and other ministries). Even a simple "like" will help put our posts in the view of your non-believing friends. Comments are better in Facebook, since they equate the comments with popularity. 

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