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Lord's Table Update - June 14th Service

Dear Church,

After a few months of not partaking in the Lord’s Table, we have the blessed opportunity to “come together ( 1 Cor. 11)” this Sunday to remember the Lord’s work on the cross for us!

We’ve arranged various ways for you to partake. Please select one of the following options:

In-Person Worship at 5101 Lawrence Dr

In an attempt to include as many as possible, we have planned for 4 shorter services (1 hour each). There is 100 person limit to each service. Please remember that attending children must be registered, they are part of the count.

The communion elements will be pre-packaged and available at the entrance. We will not be passing anything around.

  • In-Person Service at 08:00am - Masks Required
  • In-Person Service at 10:00am
  • In-Person Service at 12:00pm
  • In-Person Service at 2:00pm

The CDC guidelines recommend, but do not mandate masks. City Bible welcomes masks, but since it's not required we leave the decision up to each attendee.

However, in an attempt to involve all who have varying comfort levels to participate in the Lord's Table, we will have one service that will require face-masks (8AM). The other services (10AM, 12PM, 2PM) we welcome the wearing of face-masks (because the CDC encourages it), but since it’s not required by the county we leave the decision up to each attendee.


  • In order to comply with the mandatory state and county health guidance, we will take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and that we are above reproach. 
  • Review the detailed Guidelines provided HERE as you prepare for Sunday.
  • There is some parking in the front, but the majority of it is in the back of the building.


For those who are currently uncomfortable attending an in-person worship service due to face mask guidelines. We’d like for you please fill out this short one question survey to help CBC leadership know how to best serve the church. 


Live-Stream/Church At Home

If you're planning to do church at home this Sunday, we ask that you join us for the 10:00am Livestream to participate in the Lord's Table together. Register below and select a time to come by to pick up the elements.


We encourage you to gather in small groups in homes to worship together. If you need help finding people to gather with, please contact or reach out to your community group leader. For our vulnerable saints and family, please feel free to continue to worship with us at 10:00am in your homes.

Church At Home Guidance - LINK.

Pastoral Discussion of Current Events & Prayer

At 5pm this Sunday (via ZOOM), Pastor Ben & I would like to spend some time discussing how to biblically think about the current events in our nation (prejudice, violence, rioting, etc.). We will also spend some time praying for our church and nation. - LINK

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Congrats, you made it to the end.

For the King,

Vlad B.